Cleaning a Rubber Gym Floor

Decker’s Carpet Cleaning was called upon the clean a weight room rubber floor at a local gym in New Caney and in Dayton.  While the Dayton location was fairly straight forward, the New Caney location provided a bit of a challenge.  There had been some recent construction, and there was significant drywall dust embedded into the pores of the rubber floor.  Attempts by the contractor to remove the soiling were unsuccessful.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Setting up for a Rubber Gym Floor

Here we are all set up to clean the rubber floor

Health Club floor cleaning

We clean in the morning, we clean overnight. We clean when you need it, we clean it right.


Rubber Weight Room Floor Before Cleaning

Here is the before showing drywall dust

Rubber Weight Room Floor Cleaning After

This is what it looked like after we finished! Look at that shine!

Health Club Weight Room Before Cleaning

The drywall dust was embedded into the pores of the rubber

Gym weight room floor in a Houston Fitness Center

The dust was not easy to remove, but as you can see... the results were pretty remarkable.

Fitness Center floor cleaning after

Another view of the worst area, from a few steps back.

If you have a health club, gym, fitness center, school, or day care with a rubber weight room or exercise floor, give us a call.  We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to get the job done right.

We recommend that a weight room floor be cleaned quarterly and mopped daily with a neutral floor cleaner.  The carpet in a health club facility should also be cleaned at least quarterly, and possibly monthly to ensure the healthiest of environments.  We can assist your organization in developing a regular maintenance plan.



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